Place geoTags and create your own map s an experimental web-app that allows you to collect geo-data in a collaborative manner on the Internet. can host an unlimited number of thematic sections (e.g.[yoursection]) each with its own content settings and graphics features as well as its own account database.
The input tool is optimized for mobile devices, whose GPS allows immediate pointing of the area where the user is located.

One you have inserted some geoTags you can browse the geoTag map or query the geoTag archive with custom search criteria.
You can also download the full geoTAG archive in geoJSON format.

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Attach media contents. Easily manage dataset and configure your application

You can draw points, lines or polygons on the map with the GeoTAG placement tool. GeoTag placing is only allowed to users with administration or editor roles. As "editor" user you can digitize shapes on the map and attach to them text and multimedia contents.
As "editor" you can also manage your own geoTag dataset.

As "admin" user you can manage the full geoTag archive and main application settings. Admin can also manage user accounts and set custom geoTAG categories.

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